Linda Greenstein replies to that leaked Mercer County video

I reached out to Sen. Greenstein before our posting today of this video, leaked originally to Down With Tyranny, associated with the Blue America PAC, whose ‘paid for’ disclosure appears on the video, and which has endorsed Greenstein opponent Bonnie Watson Coleman. Her campaign sent this statement:


“This thinly veiled attempt at intimidation from unnamed party bosses unfortunately reeks of the kind of sexism successful women have had to contend with throughout history.  Anonymous smears calling an accomplished female senator “erratic” and claiming that she has a pattern of “confused behavior” is nothing so much as code for “keep the little woman out of our smoke-filled back room.” It is no coincidence that the Democratic Party, on their watch, has never sent a woman to Congress.  Unfortunately for these anonymous party bosses, she has refused to back down from shining the light on how these backroom politicians have worked to promote their agenda. Instead, she will continue to run an aggressive campaign so that every single woman in Central New Jersey knows that their next Congresswoman will never back down from representing the interests of women everywhere, even in the face of intimidation and sexist threats.”

Sen. Greenstein’s reference to accusations that she is “erratic” with a pattern of “confused behavior” come from this post at The Daily Beast by Olivia Nuzzi.

Congressional primaries, even in well-educated districts like NJ’s CD12 are by nature low-turnout, with the majority of party voters paying little attention. That said, is this leaked video from an obviously stressed, and contentious process meeting inside the Mercer Democratic Party enough to impact this race?  

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    This statement, sent to Blue Jersey, is in response to Sen. Greenstein’s statement about Mercer’s endorsement process. It comes from Mercer Dem Chair Liz Muoio:

    “For Senator Greenstein to play the sexism card as the reason she did not receive the endorsement of Mercer County – one of only 2 Democratic county parties in New Jersey with a woman chair, and a county in which another woman candidate received the endorsement – is disingenuous and an insult to the countless women who have suffered and fought true sexism in the political world.

    It is equally outrageous for her to blame her failure to win the endorsement on a closed, back room process.  As the Senator well knows, there is no back room in Mercer County – “smoke-filled” or otherwise.  Mercer County’s convention process is widely regarded as one of the most open and fair in the state.  Over 400 delegates participated in and voted at our convention after hearing from all four candidates vying for Mercer’s endorsement.   The rules followed at that convention  are the very same rules by which Senator Greenstein was endorsed for both her Assembly and Senate seats over these past 15 years.

    Clearly, the results were not what she had hoped for, but to blame them on sexism or on a closed process is deceptive, untrue and insulting.”


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