Gov. Christie: The Arrogance of Power

Following an extraordinary vote on a legislative bill in which not a single Democrat nor Republican voted “no,” Christie’s arrogance of power reared its ugly head when he conditionally vetoed the bill (S1306) yesterday. He even managed to chop off  the bill’s title –  “The Sandy Bill of Rights.” Apparently he owns the rights and the victims be damned.

Senate President Steve Sweeney said, “the governor’s action lacks common sense. His administration continues to mismanage the Sandy recovery process and this veto may be one of the biggest blunders yet.” Christie’s cuts included more than 150 changes.

The legislature should waste no time in over-riding the veto. Sandy victims deserve no less.  

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  1. princetonblue

    I’m not commenting on the bill or the merits of the veto, but I strongly disagree with your statement that it’s an arrogance of power for Christie to veto a bill that was unanimously approved by the legislature.

    There have been many times in our history when politicians took a courageous stand against the majority, or should have.  The rush to war after 9/11, because “everyone” thought it was the right thing to do, is an example of the perils of going with the overwhelming majority.

    Let’s debate the merits of the legislation instead.


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