Bonnie Watson Coleman goes up on the air

Hitting the notes of progressive and women’s rights, Bonnie Watson Coleman’s first TV spot hits the airwaves tomorrow.

CD12 Dem primary competitors Linda Greenstein and Upendra Chivukula got television ads up earlier. A lot rides on this primary Tuesday, including some firsts or firsts-in-a-long while. Chivukula would be the first Indian American ever to join the NJ congressional delegation. If Greenstein or Watson Coleman win, the story will be a woman in the delegation for the first time in years. And the pressure is on the Democrats. The Republicans had Marge Roukema in Congress from 1981 to 2002. The Democrats haven’t had a a woman in Congress since 1979. And New Jersey has never sent an African-American woman to Congress. By contrast New York sent groundbreaker Shirley Chisholm to the House in 1968. Forty-six years ago. And New Jersey still hasn’t had its Shirley Chisholm.

What do you think of this ad, Blue Jersey?

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