Analilia Mejia on Chris Hayes

From last night, this is Analilia Mejia of NJ Working Families, killing it on Chris Hayes. A segment called Pension reform made Gov. Christie a star. Until now.

Pension ‘reform’ made the guy famous, a bipartisan star. And as his propaganda advertised, a new kind of politician who was better than his predecessors of both parties – those saps that snagged pension money to close their own budget shortfalls. But that was then. Now, Christie’s sinking under his own budget mismanagement and unrealistic revenue projections, with policies based on corpo-loopholes, coddling the wealthy and telling regular people if they just pay in more and get less out, he’d keep a promise to fully fund the pension payments. Christie was supposed to be some new kinda politician. The darling of the Wall Street donor class, somebody they could get behind for 2016. Nope.  

Short ad. Just deal with it.

Below the fold, bonus video also from last night, on how Matt Mowers testimony might answer the question of Why was it suddenly time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee?

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