Heads-up – Tuesday: Christie in Somerset County for Tax Day “Town Hall”

Tomorrow (Tuesday) on Tax Day April 15th, Chris Christie will be in Somerset County for one of his staged campaign rallies dressed up as a Town Hall. These things are all scheduled during most people’s work time, making it hard for most people to attend and check in with their Governor. But I happen to know that there will be some Somerset Dems there, and some activists from both Working Families and New Jersey Citizen Action. If you’re available, maybe you’d like to join them?

What: Christie Town Hall Protest

When: Tuesday, April 15th at 9:00am.

Where: National Guard Armory, 1060 Hamilton Street, Somerset, NJ 08873

Info & map.

Since it’s Tax Day, people will be protesting outside and letting people know the Governor’s real record: cutting taxes for the rich and corporations, raising taxes on the middle-class and working poor, and blowing taxpayer dollars on politically motivated TV ads. It’s a great opportunity to talk about Christie’s real record on taxes. He’s raised taxes on the working poor, cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, and squandered millions of taxpayer dollars on his own political ambitions, like the self-exonerating Mastro report and glorified campaign ads like Stronger than the Storm.

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