From the scene outside Christie “Town Hall” in Somerset

People from Somerset County Dems, NJ Citizen Action and NJ Working Families were outside the National Guard Armory in Somerset early, where Gov. Chris Christie is conducting his 119th “town hall.”

<—– Gov. Tax Waster

It’s Tax Day, so the message outside is about how Christie is misusing our money to advance his own political ambitions. The Mastro report. The October special election so Christie didn’t have to be on a ballot with Cory Booker. Commandeering the state police chopper to get to his kid’s baseball game or meet with Iowa GOP fundraisers. And of course, these “town halls” themselves, brazen GOP rallies dressed up as public events, with the cost passed on to you .  

From New Jersey Working Families Director, Analilia Mejia – she’s pretty fab, people, I just met her last month – we have this list of ways in which Gov. Christie has made poor decisions or outright misused taxpayer dollars:

  • People making over $400,000 per year have enjoyed $4 billion in tax cuts because the Governor declined to renew the 2009 millionaires tax.

  • Corporations received over $2.6 billion in wasteful corporate tax breaks. For example, Prudential received over $100 million from the state to move blocks down the street — and the grant will create no new jobs.

  • Nearly half a million low-income families saw their taxes go up when Governor Christie cut the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit program by 20%.

  • Property taxes for families making under $150,000 per year spiked 20% because of Governor Christie’s cuts to the property tax rebate program.

  • Tuition is up at every public college and university thanks to four years of cuts to New Jersey’s public colleges and universities.

  • Bus and train fares are up 25% from when Governor Christie took office because of cuts to New Jersey Transit.  
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