Dudley Burdge Cleared of Wrong Doing, and The Ethics Commission Admits Samson Investigation

Earlier, a crowd of mostly-CWA members listened as the State Ethics Commission threw out the case against Dudley Burdge.

Here is a clip of CWA’s Hetty Rosenstein explaining why Burge was being investigated, and the hypocrisy of focusing on a union rep who was doing his job as opposed to one of the many scandals endemic to the Christie Administration.

Following the rally outside the commission, CWA members and other supporters of Dudley Burdge came inside the hearing to show our support. While inside, several people, including Hetty Rosenstein and Working Families Alliance’s Analilia Meija asked commissioners when we were goiing to know about their investigation of David Samson. They promptly went into close session.  The video of the crowd leaving the hearing can be found Here

Earlier this week,

The Star Ledger pointed out the hypocrisy behind the 5 year investigation into Dudley Burdge. To quote them at length,

It now appears that this Tuesday, instead of examining NJWF’s accusations against Samson other Christie cronies, the Ethics Commission plans to review a ridiculous five year old case against a union representative, Dudley Burdge, for the “unethical” behavior of making a phone call to investigate potential identity theft. Earlier this year, Burdge had a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge – who found the complaint had no merit and dismissed it.

When the commission reconvened its public session, they announced they were siding with common sense (and an administrative judge’s previous ruling) and dropping all accusations. The crowd stayed to continue to pressure the ethics board. Finally, after back and forth with CWA and WFA members, the board announced that they are indeed investigating Samson, but that they would not reveal the docket number or investigator assigned to him.  

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