Declining enrollment in Camden schools result of charter growth

From cartoonist and essayist Rob Tornoe:

In his post, Rob walks through the cycle Gov . Christie and his Democratic allies have generated in Camden schools, one of the large city districts the state’s taken over. Shifts to charters, legislation to encourage more charters, layoffs in the schools that are left, more charters, things getting worse for the kids left behind when the charter students leave and the money follows them out the door in a very deliberate cycle:

Charter schools in Camden aren’t just draining students – they’re draining money, close to $66 million worth in 2013-14, compared with just just $52 million the year before. Next year, Camden has budgeted $72 million to transfer to charters. There’s your $75 million shortfall. [snip]

All I’m saying is don’t get behind a podium and pretend the declining enrollment in Camden schools isn’t premeditated, planned and encouraged by all the major stakeholders involved in determining the city’s education future.

Soon, half of all Camden students will attend charter schools, a fact everyone designing education policy for your kids already knows.

Read Rob’s full commentary here. And damn, I wish I could cartoon.  

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