Roundup of media coverage of Chris Christie’s $1 million PR stunt

Much of the time, I wish the DNC and the DGA would pull back on, or at least refine, the Christie-bashing. It’s an optics issue. I get that they smell blood. And I think they believe they’re helping. But there are still people here making up their minds how they feel about the daily Christie news in New Jersey. His avoidance of the press and their hard questions vs. “town halls” where he get mostly softballs. And his “Bridgegate”  denials that his key operatives ever checked with him on anything vs. the investigations, where that hasn’t been determined yet. What I always want the D.C. Dems to recognize is that there’s still slow, linear, dogged due diligence going on in these investigations. And New Jerseyans who haven’t made up their minds yet what they believe are watching it all. In the legislature, Wisniewski & Weinberg appear to take that work very seriously. No showboating. No overreach. No partisan scoring (the GOP would disagree, but their leader’s a key player in the scandal **). I hate anything that looks like that investigation is rigged by party (including D.C. bombast) Because I don’t think it is.

So I prefer it when the national Dems keep it simple. So, I like this unvarnished roundup of media response to the news that Christie’s “internal review” – conducted by friendly, politically-connected lawyers at taxpayer expense – finds him blameless. Who thinks Christie’s “internal investigation” has credibility? Read on:

Christie’s Bridgegate investigation is baloney

The Star-Ledger // Editorial Board

“It cost New Jersey taxpayers at least a million bucks, but here’s what we finally know for a fact: Gov. Chris Christie’s lawyers think he’s innocent.”

That’s the best headline. The rest, on the jump.

In-house verdict the narrative Christie wanted

The Record // Charles Stile

“It’s the clean bill of health that Christie will undoubtedly wave in front of hecklers at town hall meetings or tout in front of Republican audiences more inclined to cheer than to challenge him. But let’s be clear: This is no definitive 9/11 Commission-style report with its statesmanlike gravity, its bipartisan balance and thoroughness. This is an in-house verdict from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, a prominent New York law firm with close ties to Christie.”

Bridge scandal probe approved by Chris Christie under fire

The Star-Ledger // Jason Grant and Jenna Portnoy

“When word leaked out Monday that a law firm Gov. Chris Christie retained and taxpayers will pay for to the tune of $1 million was about to clear him of wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge scandal, the governor charged out to publicly back it and hail its findings. But some Democratic state lawmakers denounced the firm of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher for what they saw as numerous shortcomings: the findings were leaked before the firm’s investigation was done, at least three key figures who might have had intimate knowledge of the bridge closings were not interviewed and what value, they asked, did the report have since it was Christie’s made to order.”

Chris Christie-ordered review of bridge scandal to clear Christie

CBS News // Rebecca Kaplan

“The internal report is likely to have a fair share of critics, not only because the firm has ties to Christie (a separate team of lawyers is in charge of responding to subpoenas issued by state legislature and U.S. attorney’s office, the Times said), but because the $650-an-hour investigation was billed to the taxpayers for a total of more than $1 million in legal fees.”

5 Things to Think About as Christie Investigates Christie

WNYC // Matt Katz

“$1 Million. That’s how much the New York Times says it’s costing taxpayers for Christie to do his internal review. And that’s not all: Taxpayers are also spending money on the Legislature’s lawyers. Couple that with the Port Authority, congressional and U.S. Attorney investigations, and the final tab for that five-day traffic jam in Fort Lee is going to be untold millions.”

GWB scandal: Top Dem questions Christie lawyers’ internal probe that clears governor

The Record // John Reitmeyer and Shawn Boburg

“Critics have faulted Christie’s internal review, saying it was being headed by an attorney with deep ties to the governor’s mentor, Rudy Giuliani, and to the Port Authority itself. And, according to a source, one of the lawyers interviewing Christie’s staff for this review had earned a contract from Christie when Christie was U.S. attorney, and her daughter served as an intern in the governor’s office.”

Christie’s own lawyers clear him in George Washington Bridge scandal

Asbury Park Press // Staff report

“Gov. Chris Christie has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge scandal, according to an internal investigation by the lawyers he hired to look into his staff’s involvement in the September lane closures.”

** Two ways to read that: Christie, and Stepien, who Christie picked both to run his NJGOP and his political operation at RGA, both of which Stepien lost when the scandal tracked right into the heart of Christie’s operation.


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