New ad hits Shavar Jeffries on ties to Wall Street & Christie’s anti-public school allies

How things have changed. There was a time when invoking the name of Gov. Chris Christie – rising star, theoretical champ of bipartisanship, and media magnet – was golden. Ditto his state-positioned schools chief for the city of Newark, Cami Anderson; theoretical saver of children, and vanquisher of failing schools. But with Christie stuck in multiple scandals and Anderson the target of angry parents for her poorly-conceived One Newark school reorganization plan, a new TV spot uses both to drive home that message that if you don’t like either of them, you won’t like Shavar Jeffries as Newark’s new mayor. The ad ties Jeffries to big-money Wall Streeters and Christie-ally school privatizers ignoring Newark parents and shutting down schools or turning them into “private profit factories.”

The ad is from the national Working Families Organization. The NJ affiliate, NJ Working Families Alliance, endorsed Ras Baraka for mayor in the May 2014 contest. Working Families cites these numbers on Jeffries fundraising:

  • 80% of Jeffries’ Q4 donations came from 4 families

  • $26,000 came from  wife of a former Morgan Stanley Chairman

  • $26,000 came from Baltimore Hedge Fund manager Mark Lerner, a longtime advocate of dismantling public schools

  • Only 5% came from small donors

    Shavar Jeffries got 80% of his Q4 contribs from the following 4 families, says Working Families, which calls Jeffries “bought and paid for by the same Wall Street money backing Christie and Cami Anderson”:

  • Mark Lerner, Baltimore-based hedge fund manager

  • Christy Mack of Rye, NY, wife of former Morgan-Stanley chair John Mack

  • Ray Chambers, NJ equity investor & wife Patricia

  • Ted Wells, criminal lawyer and wife Nina, former NJ Secretary of State

    Transcript of the Ad:

    “They shut down our schools. Shut out our voices. Turned public schools into private profit factories. And they’re all connected to Shavar Jeffries. The same interests backing Chris Christie… backing Christie’s handpicked school superintendent… the same Wall Street hedge fund managers making money of our schools – they all support Jeffries. Which means he’s not with us. With Newark’s future on the line, Shavar Jeffries stands with the wrong people. Shavar Jeffries isn’t for us.”


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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton
    2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I just made a correction in the post. I originally cited NJ Working Families Alliance (its NJ chapter/affiliate) as the folks behind the ad. Actually it’s the national. I’ve made the correction, and linked to both groups.  


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