Have Been A Little Preoccupied Lately

So I have been very remiss in congratulating Jeff Gardner on being selected to run for County Clerk in Passaic.  He will make us all very proud. Another thank you to Rosi for going to Governor Christie’sTownhall and raising questions. We need more of that from the general public.

On Monday our Judiciary committee in the Senate will be dealing with the important issue of bail reform and raising extra dollars for Legal Services. An Important step forward.  We will also be taking up my bill concerning a collaborative family law bill to  find better ways to deal with family issues that end in court.

See there are other things going on in our world!

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    Your support has always meant the world to me. I only hope to live up to that billing! 🙂

  2. Jeff Gardner

    I second the kudos to Rosi, and to everyone who gets out to town hall meetings to ask the hard questions of our elected officials.

  3. Bob h

    to Republican family members, and can report that Christie’s Presidential hopes seem all but dead.  You get a lot of credit for saving the nation from this fraudulent man.

  4. Joebluejersey11

    also when you can add to the growing Chrisite Bridgegate Investigation the American Dream Mall $800MM bonding where Wolf Samson engaged in pure Conflicts of Interest being engaged as  BCIA Counsel AND Triple Five Counsel. Prosecutor Chrisite would have indicted this firm by now.


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