Christie Gives Up on 2016 South Carolina

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One of the most important states for someone seeking their party nomination for President is South Carolina because of it’s early primary, the first in a southern state.  In 2000 George W. Bush solidified his position by winning it (with rumors spread about John McCain’s child and fidelity), and Newt Gingrich surged into frontrunner status there in 2008.

Since Chris Christie is a northern Republican, a win in South Carolina would be huge. He’d have an even shot at Iowa, and a pretty good hold on New Hampshire. Three wins in a row would overcome most concerns about his electability.

Which is what makes the new ad the Republican Governor’s Association (of which Christie is chair) is running against the Democratic nominee for Governor in South Carolina all the more troubling for Christie.

“Remember this guy, Sheheen? Well first, Sheheen supported much of Obamacare. But then he refused to support the lawsuit to stop it,” the ad says. “Now, Vincent Sheheen wants to use Obamacare for a $2 billion expansion of Medicaid in South Carolina.”

It ends with the ominous text: “Vincent Sheheen’s Plan: Even More Obamacare.”

But Republican opponents of Christie (Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, whoever) could run the selfsame ad against Christie because of his great line from this year’s budget speech.

I am proud to have made the decision to expand Medicaid and provide greater access to healthcare for New Jerseyans in need.  …

By opting for Medicaid expansion, New Jersey will receive more than $100 million in additional federal funding, while at the same time, beginning to reform Medicaid to make it possible for more individuals to live in their communities.

What’s hilarious is that running the RGA is supposed to be a stepping stone for Christie’s presidential ambitions, but while he was delivering his speech on how proud he was to expand Medicaid his RGA staff were preparing an ad attacking others for the same thing.


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  1. marshwren

    would have happened had Stepien not been featured in the first batch of Bridgegate emails, and forced by Christie to ‘voluntarily’ relinquish that fat, juicy and ever-so-lucrative consulting job at the RGA.  It seems that while Christie remains the RGA chair, the actual organization is run by Koch/ALEC functionaries.


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