CD12: Who gets PCDO’s endorsement to succeed Rush Holt?

Throughout Rep. Rush Holt’s 8 terms in Congress, through a tough re-election campaign (his first) and through both redistrictings, Princeton has always been his strongest and most loyal base of support. It’s where a lot of the money comes from, and a lot of the volunteers. And the venerable PCDO – Princeton Community Democratic Organization – is its Democratic backbone.

Last night, PCDO held an endorsement vote for CD12. Over 100 people showed up, and so did all 5 of the declared candidates – the two women increasingly squaring off against each other, Sen. Linda Greenstein and Asw Bonnie Watson Coleman, Assemblyman and 2012 CD7 candidate Asm Upendra Chivukula, and the two scientists who jumped into the race more recently, plasma physicist Andrew Zwicker and chemist Frank Gibson. Only paid-up members could vote, and each was scheduled to speak with Q & A to follow. It was a secret ballot vote.

So, how did CD12’s Democratic primary candidates do in Rush Holt’s bedrock community? Well, the vote was inconclusive, given that a 60% vote was needed for endorsement. But the trend was clear. Vote totals, on the jump page.

Runoff Ballot Round Results (60% needed for endorsement)

Candidate Votes %
Bonnie Watson Coleman 43 54%
Linda Greenstein 34 43%
No votes 2 3%
Total votes 79 100%

First Ballot Round Results (60% needed for endorsement):

Upendra Chivukula 9 11%
Bonnie Watson Coleman 37 43%
Frank Gibson 2 2%
Linda Greenstein 26 30%
Andrew Zwicker 12 14%
Total votes 86 100%

Mercer County’s Democratic Convention is Wednesday March 26th (7pm) at Stone Terrace Restaurant in Hamilton Square.  

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    how, um, transparent of them.

  2. Jay Lassiter

    ….when it’s camden county and NOT princeton.  


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