At CPAC: Awesome Empty Chairs & Awesome Chris Christie

Yesterday, the same day as Gov. Christie’s speech was delivered to a standing-O but plenty of empty seats (as Paul Mulshine notes), John Hudak, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and editor of their Fix Gov blog made this observation:

But when did the room fill up? Right afterward, as Hudak notes, when that panel ran over and into Wayne LaPierre’s time.

And that about says it all for CPAC. Except for that New Jersey  governor they gave 15 minutes of stage time to yesterday. One of the things Christie did do, in a speech that never mentioned his scandals, dropping polls or scrutiny of his Sandy spending, was to mock income inequality as a legitimate issue. While 24.7% of his constituents are living in poverty. And that about says it all for Gov. Chris Christie.

Hat/tip to Daily Kos for Hudak’s first tweet.  

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  1. marshwren

    Christie’s lavish (slavish?) praise of the Koch Brothers as working class heroes, the saviors of America, and all-round living gods.  One might also add that the only problem Christie has with income inequality is that there isn’t enough of it.


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