Via Washington Post: Never heard of George Norcross? Here’s why you need to.

I spent part of my afternoon tweeting and emailing an MSNBC anchor who’s done a particularly good job demystifying the web of Gov. Christie’s scandals, to convince him it’s time George Norcross got the kind of national examination his impact on New Jersey politics deserves.

As I was doing that, the Washington Post was busy posting this: Never heard of George Norcross? Here’s why you need to.  Quoting:

Almost as swiftly as word surfaced Tuesday that Rep. Rob Andrews (D-N.J.) plans to resign from Congress, a replacement was all but anointed. If he wins, it will be a boon to one of the most powerful figures in politics most people have probably never heard of.

That replacement, as you knew the same moment you knew Andrews is exiting, is Donald Norcross. As we talked about today, Donald N. has had the kind of charmed life in politics that politicians operating in the world of meritocracy never get to have. Which is not to say Norcross shouldn’t have the seat, merely that he should compete for it.

As Sean Sullivan writes in WaPo, if Donald’s in, it further solidifies his brother’s power. And backup for Donald’s chances coronation came quickly; Sullivan joking (not really) that he might just have known Andrews’ resignation was coming, linking to PolitickerNJ’s running list of pols going on record today for Donald. (yes, mainly from Planet Norcross).

WaPo notes the superPAC tied to Norcross that played heavily in NJ legislative races last year. And the not-insignificant fact of Norcross’ ownership of the biggest paper in Andrews’ CD. Then this:

If you’re wondering why that could matter in a House special election, bear in mind that Norcross controls the endorsement process for the paper. Of course, given the rallying effect behind his brother, the endorsement may be immaterial.  Which, of course, simply reflects the reach and power of George Norcross.

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  1. A.V. El-Hepta

    It may be oxymoronic to talk about the Camden County Republican Organization, but if such a group exists and they choose a sane, fiscally conservative pro-choice candidate to run against Donald, and if they get sufficient funding from the national GOP, they might have a chance to take this seat. Heck, I would vote for such a person.

  2. firstamend07

    As a Labor leader in South Jersey he worked extremely hard to help his members. Healso worked many hours as a State Senator.

    To say he led a ” charmed life” just shows your ignorance of the man.

    While you were “tweeting” he was working.  

  3. firstamend07

    Did you really ” tweet” an MSNBC anchor and compare Christie’s scandals to anything George Norcross has done.

    Since MSNBC ignored you I give them some credit.

    Your silly notion that an endorsement by the Phila. Inquirer will have any effect on the election just proves that you have little knowledge of South Jersey politics.

    Donald Norcross does not need the INKY to win.

    Your blind dislike of the Norcross family destroys your regular credibility.    

  4. marshwren

    Sorry to disappoint, but the state ALF-CIO declined to endorse either Donald Norcross or Steve Sweeney–in 2011 and again in 2013.

    The bitterness over the 2011 pension ‘reform’ bill is as deep and polarizing as ever, and it’s not going away.  

  5. 12mileseastofTrenton

     bossism and abuse of power.  Christie aside, the Democratic party is actually worse.  It’s gone on for too long.

  6. freshstart

    George Norcross runs New Jersey like its his own personal corporation. He chooses the state legislators just as he chooses employees for his insurance business. Our votes mean nothing to him as he has figured out a way to limit our selections by spending obscene amounts of money to eliminate any potential competition. He knows that we may complain for a while, but has little fear that we will actually organize and do anything about it.    

  7. Joebluejersey11

    Whilst Bergen County Exe. Republican may be popular in some certain Progressive communities on the down low, its important to note that she awarded the largest no-bid Bergen County insurance contract to Norcross firm.,,,,,, just sayin.

  8. freshstart

    King George, ruler of all of South Jersey, has decreed that his brother Donald shall be  crowned Congressman. Democrats who do not  “voluntarily” and enthusiastically pledge their full support for his coronation shall be forever banned from the Kingdom.    


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