This Isn’t The First Time Christie’s Scandal Timelines Changed

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There are two stories today covering the way Governor Chris Christie’s version of the George Washington Bridge closure came to his attention, one on and the other on Talking Points Memo.  

But this is not the first time that Chris Christie has been on the edge or closer to a scandal and given multiple accounts of his knowledge.  Way back in 2007 there was a series of US Attorneys fired for what appeared to be political reasons.  Complaints had come to the Bush administration from state Republicans that certain US Attorneys weren’t attacking Democrats hard enough, or focusing on voter fraud enough, or doing what they were told.  A number of the US Attorneys were let go despite high marks and reviews, but Chris Christie was not one of them.

It turned out he had been on the list to be let go, but that had been rescinded for an unknown reason.  There are suspicions it had to do with the leak of a subpoena dropped on Democratic Senator Bob Menendez at the last second during a Senatorial election against Republican Tom Kean, Jr.  

But what oddly mirrors Christie’s changing timeline were his multiple accounts of when he was told he was on the list, and when he was told he would keep his job.

In May of 2007 Christie told Tom Moran that he had learned of being on and taken off the list in one phone call two months earlier while poolside on vacation in Florida.  But in August Christie told The Record he had learned he was at risk of being fired in December 2006, and had to wait until January 2007 to learn he would be retained.  Huntsu wrote:

Now, both these situations are pretty memorable.  If I found out at the Christmas (Christie is Catholic) holidays that my job was in jeopardy, and then had to go through New Years thinking about getting fired it would stick in my head.

There’s no way that this is a simple misconception or the famous Republican, “I can’t recall.”  One of these stories is an outright lie.  

The media didn’t pursue this five years ago, but they are pursuing Christie’s changing story this time.  Here’s hoping they stay on this.  

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