The Norcrossed Voters of District 1

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The rollout of Donald Norcross’ congressional campaign signifies everything that’s wrong with New Jersey’s boss-dominated politics.

Shortly after the nearly simultaneous announcements of Congressman Rob Andrews’ retirement and State Senator Norcross’ anointment as Andrews’ successor, the Norcross machine published a list of 167 elected and civic personalities that have “endorsed” the candidate.

To me, it’s incredible that such a list could be compiled in such a short time. Have you ever tried to phone or e-mail an elected official directly? Not all of them are easy to get hold of. Yet, in the space of a few days, the Norcross campaign was able to obtain endorsements from each one of them.

There are only two possible conclusions I can draw from this. Either the Norcross-for-Andrews coup was in the planning stages for a longer time than advertised, or many of the endorsements were made unilaterally by the Norcross campaign, knowing that no South Jersey Democrat would dare to buck the machine.

It’s a given that a George Norcross minion would replace Andrews. But shouldn’t the voters of South Jersey be given a choice? What about a well-qualified woman like Pamela Lampitt? A relentless public servant like Troy Singleton? What about Dana Redd or Louis Greenwald? Are these folks less competent than Donald to represent the district in Congress? There are lots of good Norcrosscrats in the District. It’s bad enough that voters must choose from within the cabal. But at least give them that choice.

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  1. firstamend07

    It IS NOT hard to get 167 endorsements if you are  organized ! To people like you it might be hard to imagine 167 people getting contacted in a short period of time. But it is very easy.

    These people like Donald Norcross and they have the RIGHT to endorse anyone they want. They were not strongarmed. Many of these people probably called Norcross themselves to offer help.

    The ” people” alwasy have a choice. I suggest that if they want to oppose Norcross then they should primary him or go vote for Garry Cobb.

    By the way the 4 people you mentioned will ALL be endorsing Norcross.  



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