Rush Holt Will Not Run for Re-Election

Rush Holt on Valentines Day 2014As a Rush Holt campaign staff alum, this breaks my heart. That is, unless it will be replaced with information that he is not in fact leaving public life, and only leaving the U.S. House of Representatives.

This was sent to constituents and supporters a few minutes ago:

Today I am announcing that I will not seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

It has been and remains an immense honor for me to represent the people of New Jersey’s 12th District.  I first ran for office because I believed that government can be a positive force in our lives to build community and to increase individual opportunity.  I ran for office because I believed that a representative can build confidence in our self-government by providing conscientious service so that every person knows that he or she has a voice and a stake in our country.  After nearly two decades in public life, I believe these things even more strongly.  I have been taught by the wisdom of my constituents and am as hopeful as ever about the strength of our community, constitution, and country.

I started my career as a scientist and teacher.  I have in my life sought many ways to serve, and I will remain involved and will contribute to our community to whom I owe so much.  I am proud of my service in the House and am pleased to point to accomplishments in policy areas and in service to individuals in central New Jersey.  

There is no hidden motive for my decision.  As friends who have worked with me know, I have never thought that the primary purpose of my work was re-election and I have never intended to make service in the House my entire career.  For a variety of reasons, personal and professional, all of them positive and optimistic, the end of this year seems to me to be the right time to step aside and ask the voters to select the next representative.

This is not the time to discuss next steps in my career; that can come later.  This is not a farewell.  My dedicated staff and I remain on the job this year and will work hard with the President and New Jersey’s fine other members of the House and the Senate to continue to advance the public’s interests. The people I am so fortunate to represent should have no doubts that I will maintain the high standards I have set and they deserve and I am confident my successors will do the same.

I thank you for all your help.


Rush Holt

The info was given first to the New York Times.

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  1. deciminyan

    This is an unexpected shock and a loss for the nation. We need people with the intellect, background, and demeanor that Holt has exhibited in his congressional career. He will be difficult to replace.

  2. AuntBeast

    I am guessing that Upendra Chivukula will take a run at it, or perhaps Jun Choi.  Not sure if either lives in district, but they have both looked at runs in the 7th in the past.

    Would be good to have some more diversity in our delegation, and even better to have a woman!

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    if Christie has to leave office.  Or senator if Menendez does.  Doubt he’ll take on Booker.

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton
  5. TomSW

    Rush Holt has been an outstanding representative, not only for his district, but the entire nation. His progressive voice will be missed in the halls of Congress.  

    A great congressman, an even better person.

  6. deciminyan

    Here’s the Blue Jersey interview with Holt during the Senate campaign. He will be missed, but I wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits.

  7. Hopeful

    I wish him the best of luck.

  8. Babs NJSD

    A true champion of LGBT rights who stood up to Pelosi and Frank when they tried to divide the LGBT community in passing a bill that would go nowhere, but only make the HRC monied people happy.

    He has guts and class … a “Mensch”!

    His departure from Congress creates a giant void.

  9. zi985

    Asm. Upendra Chivukula does indeed live in NJ’s 12th Congressional District, which includes all of Franklin Twp. (Somerset County), where he lives.  Asm. Chivukula would make a fantastic candidate–he’s an electrical engineer, battle-tested since he’s already run for Congress just 2 years ago, and would offer diversity to Congress, since he would be one of the very few Representatives of south Asian origin in Congress.  Here’s an interactive map of NJ’s 12 Congressional Districts:

  10. zi985

    Here are the Cash-on-Hand Amounts that all possible NJ-12 Contenders currently have in their respective FEC accounts:

    Upendra Chivukula: $49,096

    Reed Gusciora: $9

    Everyone else: $0

    I’m fairly certain that it is illegal to transfer any money from a local, county, or state campaign account to a FEC account which means that Sen. Greenstein, Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes, and any other folks (other than Chivukula and Gusciora) would be starting off this primary campaign with $0.  105 days until the June 3rd Dem NJ-12 primary, here we go…

  11. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    California Dem Gloria Negrete McLeod – a freshman!l – is also not seeking re-election.  

  12. firstamend07

    She will have the money and the backing.

    Done deal.  

  13. Bob h

    and the Republicans, who have wanted to turn the Congress into a useless body that nobody in his right mind would want anything to do with.

  14. proud2Bliberal

    If Christie steps down will Rush Holt run for Gov?  

  15. proud2Bliberal

    Now that Christopher Eisgruber is Princeton U president, the provost job is open.  If Rush Holt became Princeton provost that would be amazing for the students.

  16. danpreston

    OK, I feel like discussing next steps in Rush’s career. How about as a replacement for James Clapper as Director of National Intelligence? Among other things, Rush is a great defender of civil liberties as well as an expert on intelligence issues. Of course, he’ll be great in whatever role he next takes on.

  17. Erik Preuss

    I’m thoroughly convinced Rush is either becoming a lobbyist or running for governor; they’re the only two potential outcomes that make sense.

    Lobbying would make sense as 2 or 3 years of it would essentially secure his retirement.

    By the same token, he may sense the winds of change in NJ. One thing bridgegate has done has made the public completely disgusted with corruption. He would have a real chance against an establishment backed candidate thanks to the combination of an already established donor base, the fact that he’s a true progressive with name recognition, and because of the public sentiment.

    Frankly, his entering the senate race would make a lot more sense if it’s purpose was to raise his name recognition state-wide. At the time i couldn’t figure it out as Pallone had already entered.

    Anyway, I really hope he plans to run for governor; would do a hell of a job.


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