Really, Tom?

Tom Moran, editorial page editor for the Newark Star Ledger, endorsed Chris Christie for Governor last year.  Now, in an extremely rare move, he’s rescinding the endorsement.

But he didn’t switch over to Christie’s opponent, Barbara Buono.  Why not?

And let’s not forget his opponent, Sen. Barbara Buono. She was not up to the job of being governor – even in the view of many Democrats. She got the party’s nomination because more credible candidates, including Cory Booker, backed out in the face of Christie’s strength.

And on education, the most important issue for any governor, Buono ran well to the left of President Obama. She embraced the state’s regressive teachers’ union and its relentless efforts to protect bad teachers and stunt the growth of even the best charter schools.

She was not up to the job?  A highly successful lawyer who served 20 years in the legislature, including as ranking member of the Budget committee, Senate Majority leader and Democratic conference chair isn’t up to the job?  And as for other Democrats not running — huh?  She won the primary overwhelmingly.

As opposed to a highly successful lawyer who last held elected office 20 years previously and was voted out by his own party?  Maybe some Democrats didn’t thing Buono was up for the job — though that could have been because Christie bullied them into it — but some Republicans didn’t think Christie was up to being Morris County Freeholder!

The only example Moran gave as to why Buono was “not up to the job” was her position on education “reform.”  That just means Moran disagrees with her on one issue.

The fact is, Moran was taken in by Christie’s star power even last fall.  He was willing to criticize Christie some, but that’s because things were so obvious.

But in the article rescinding the endorsement Moran uses the words “bully,” “overrated” and “creep” to describe Christie.  Moran even said that he himself had been bullied by the Governor in an attempt to get better coverage but never used those words before now despite acknowledging they knew.

The endorsement itself was a truly sad example of journalism, but the rescinding was even more so.  

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