Protest Slideshow: Outside Chris Christie “Town Hall” in Morris County

Today, in his homeboy territory of Morris County, Gov. Christie is road-testing his milky, Gandhi-mentioning budget plan among the reliably white and Republican folk of Stirling. Scandals – Bridgegate, misuse of Sandy funds, Hoboken mayor-threatening – and fallout are the backstory of every Christie public appearance now, though he skirts questions. On what he knew and when he knew it, Christie has clammed-up and lawyered-up. But Christie’s schtick isn’t working as reliably anymore. Cracks appear in the well-orchestrated mojo propaganda front. There are protesters now, outside and inside the Christie show.

My favorite from today, is the pregnant Ann Vardeman (NJCA) holding the sign about her soon-to-be baby.

“I feel badly about the kids.” David Wildstein, text.

“They are the children of Buono voters.” Christie Deputy COS Bridget Kelly.

Created with flickr slideshow.

The young adults with signs are reps from New Jersey United Students.

Vardeman: “Five years of Christie and all we have to show for it is the highest unemployment in the region, an economic recovery trailing New York and Pennsylvania, and traffic problems in Fort Lee. If it were his kids stuck on that bus (as kids were stuck in Christie’s GWB traffic on the first day of school), would we know for sure by now if it was a traffic study?”

Read Bill Orr’s Tips for Christie Protesters.

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