According to published reports, Congressman Rob Andrews is resigning immediately because his income is not enough to pay for the education of his two daughters, one a college undergraduate and another a medical student.

Whether you believe Andrews’ explanation or whether you think his resignation is a result of his ethical lapses is not the point of this post. What amazes me is that a family with a combined annual income well north of a half million dollars feels that that’s not enough to send their kids to college.

Politicians like to talk about investment. Education is one of the best investments in our future. There’s no reason why America should not offer a free undergraduate education to every resident. And with the pending doctor shortage, there’s no reason why medical education shouldn’t be highly subsidized and incentivized for those who qualify academically.

Today, we’re subsidizing oil companies that dirty our air and water. Through our tax policies, we subsidize Wall Street banksters who ship jobs offshore. This is nuts. Let’s get back to basics and ensure that the next generation of Americans gets the education they need to compete in a global economy and to improve the quality of life at home. And not just for the children of wealthy politicians.

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  1. MMF

    His base salary of $174,000 plus wife Camille’s salary as a Dean and law prof at Rutgers isn’t enough to educate their 2 kids??

    Then pretty much nobody can afford to send their kids to school anymore.


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