Ice Planet Hoth News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

Ice everywhere outside Blue Jersey HQ. Be careful out there, Blue Jerseyans.

Rob Andrews, under ethics investigation, announces he’s leaving Congress, Norcross operation already greased up to replace him

  • Ledger editorial: Rob Andrews’ oddly-timed resignation from Congress.

  • But before he goes, Andrews expresses “empathy” for Chris Christie, “in middle of this vortex of bloodsport”.

  • Washington Post: Never heard of George Norcross? Here’s why you need to..

  • After a respectable few hours, Donald Norcross announces his candidacy.

  • Aaaand … the machine starts clicking, shooting out Norcross backers.
  • Logan Twp. mayor Frank Minor also considering running.

  • Andrews’ full statement, resigning from Congress effective Feb. 18.

  • “Tenacity and skill:” President Obama’s statement on Andrews.

    Rest of the news below the fold: including who wants Bill Maher’s help to run for Congress, Christie’s winter of discontent and Sandy screwups, whose subpoenaed docs are in, and which Newark candidate showed up with more than 100 supporters and 11,000 signatures.

    Bill Maher wants to Flip a District

  • And Roy Cho wants that race to be his – against Scott Garrett.

    Chris Christie’s Winter of Discontent

  • Ledger editorial: Christie plan for new round of Sandy aid repeats past mistakes.

  • Christie, who is facing federal investigation for his use of Sandy funding, says in Keansburg: ‘I haven’t made every right decision’.

  • 6 Reasons Chris Christie is Probably Guilty.

  • Salon: Christie’s Soprano’s-style mess & why more and more stink will engulf the bridge scandal.

  • Christie seemed unaware he signed Camden eminent domain bill.

    Christie tries, fails, at high school character assassination on Wildstein to damage-control the news cycle

  • Daily Kos: Christie is so scared he can’t get his high school smears straight.

  • Stile on Christie’s weird damage-control strategy: If Wildstein is such a liar, why was he ever hired?

  • Christie gets his story wrong, leaves out major fact in missive to supporters.

  • What, me worry? Christie bugging outta state for RGA.

    Investigations – federal & legislative – of Christie administration

  • Analysis: U.S. Attorney’s trail shows Hoboken charges more serious.

  • Wisniewski-Weinberg panel receives records from 4 people, including Bill Baroni.

  • Bramnick: Legislature should continue bridge scandal investigation despite federal review.

    Steve Kornacki calls Jeff Bell, “one of the biggest stars of the late-70’s version of the Tea Party

  • Now he’s 70, lives in Virginia, just rented an apartment here, and is raring to go beat Cory Booker.

    Newark Mayor’s race

  • Baraka campaign drops 11,000 petitions on Newark city clerk’s office.

    N.J. family declares intent to sue Christie administration over disabled woman’s death

  • Awful story.

  • Sen. Joe Vitale, Health Committee chair, will hold hearing following woman’s death.

    Conservationists petition NJ DEP for tighter rules to curb runoff

  • Contaminated stormwater is largest contributor to water pollution in New Jersey.
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    1. Ms. Magoo

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But God forbid the Democratic Party support a woman for a Congressional seat that we’re guaranteed to win. This will make 3 safe open seats in a row over the last decade – Sires, Payne, and now Norcross – where a Democratic woman could effortlesslly have been sent to Congress from New Jersey. But no.


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