Heckuva job, Bushie.

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If you want to know why Chris Christie thinks that he’s a good administrator despite all the evidence against it (Sandy aid denial, potential corruption, Bridgegate, tax refund delays, $120 million in trains destroyed, Race to the Top funding lost, etc.), just look to this quote:

“Every Republican took for granted George W. Bush while he was there. The guy won two national elections. How easy has that looked the last eight years?” Christie said. “He was, first, an outstanding political candidate. And I think he was grossly underappreciated by his own country and his own party as a politician.”

The things Christie respects about Bush, the things he thinks are “underappreciated”, are all related to winning elections and being a good politician.

None of it is about governing or helping the American people.

This is a President who started his term with the worst attack on American soil since 1941 and ended it with the worst economic downturn since 1932.  In between he orchestrated two unwinnable wars that cost hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives (not to mention even more crippled and wounded).

Heckuva job, Bushie.  Both of ya.

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