CD12: Paula Sollami Covello out, throws support to Bonnie Watson Coleman

It’s looking more and more like we may get a woman following Rush Holt in the solidly Dem congressional seat he’s announced he’ll retire from. This morning, Mercer County Exec Brian Hughes announced he wouldn’t run, because “We need a progressive woman in Congress” (he didn’t specify, but Bonnie Watson Coleman lives in his home county of Mercer). And now, via Facebook, Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello is taking herself out of the running, to support Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman:


As I expressed to you yesterday, I am deeply humbled and appreciative of your overwhelming support. So, I am sharing with you first this news of my decision regarding my candidacy for Congress, District 12.

After two days of intense conversation with my family and political advisors, and some other candidates interested in running, I have decided to withdrawal my name from consideration for the 12th Congressional seat race this year. I will endorse Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman for the race.

Bonnie has been a great representative of my legislative district in representing all of the towns therein. Further, Bonnie shares many of my values when it comes to being a progressive voice in government. She truly cares for people and she will fight for human rights, voting rights and for middle-class families. She is also a strong voice for women.

As for myself, I have work to continue to perform in the Mercer County Clerk’s Office. My family is still young and I hope and believe that I can run for Congress or another leadership position in the coming years. For now, I am running for re-election for my current position as Mercer County Clerk in 2015.

Thank you so much, and let’s continue to enjoy one another’s friendship.

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