Bridgegate probe to check Christie copter rides

Update: willlivingston wrote about this, too – and raises an excellent question about a leak and whether this may be Wildstein’s “evidence exists”. Read him.

In a few minutes, at 2pm, the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation (NJ SCI) will meet in Trenton. Today, the NY Post is reporting that the SCI plans to look at the records of that state police chopper Gov. Christie likes to use, to see if he flew near Fort Lee during the time local lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge were closed.

If that’s true, it’s an amazing coda to an issue that absorbed us two years ago, the way Christie commandeered the state’s  $12.5 million state police helicopter – a 55-foot Homeland Security resource designed for emergencies and to transport critically injured people – for political and family reasons.

So, did Christie take a joy ride to check on his Port Authority minions’ work snarling traffic for the people of North Jersey? Did David Wildstein ride along? After all, right after Christie claimed to barely know who Wildstein is, a photo surfaced (via WSJ) of the two of them yukking it up on September 11th, 2013. During the 5-day lane closures, and on a day when more sensible people realize the busiest bridge in the world might be at a terrorism risk on the 9/11 anniversary. Requiring, you know, more care and safety, and less impeding of first responders, just in case somebody wants to do harm.

Whoever got the idea to check the chopper records for this is absolutely effing brilliant. And it tells me, if the story’s true, that good and intelligent due diligence is going on down there.

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  1. Ms. Magoo

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Bill Orr

    The New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation convened at 2:00pm, and after about one minute left for a closed session, which was continuing as of 2:55pm. It might reconvene publicly this afternoon to vote on new actions or make announcements. There is live video and audio here.

  3. robosz

    If this gets lots of press and proves to be unfounded, it gives credibility to the lie that CC is now the victim of a frenzy of conspiracists who will say anything, and it will bolster his only remaining defense — don’t blame me, blame the liberal media

  4. Bob h

    and have been in a withdrawal phase, but it looks like the fix will be coming again soon.


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