An Early Look: Congressional Races 2014

Activity is already well underway for the forthcoming Congressional elections. NJ’s 12 seats are currently held by six Democrats and six Republicans. One of the most hotly contested races might be in Congressional District (CD) 3 where incumbent Republican Jon Runyan is not running for re-election. Democrat Aimee Belgard and others (including Republican Steve Lonegan) are vying for the seat.  

March 31 is the Nomination Petition Filing Deadline for the Primary Election. June 3 is Primary Election Day. November 4 is General Election. Incumbency is a huge advantage but not a guarantee. Start your engines.

The Federal Election Committee (FEC) posts data filed by candidates. Below by CD is the name of each candidate who has filed an FEC Statement of Candidacy, followed by party affiliation, an (I) for an incumbent or a (C) for the challengers, and Ending Cash on Hand as of 12/31/2013 unless otherwise indicated. Some new challengers have not yet filed financial reports. Other individuals have been mentioned as possible candidates but have not filed their candidacy with the FEC.

  • CD 1: Robert Andrews (D) (I) $567,375

    Matthew Harris (D) (C) $1 (ending 09./30/13) – Graduate Student & Firefighter

  • CD 2: Frank LoBiondo (R) (I) $1,159,461

    William Hughes, Jr. (D) (C) $170,014 – Attorney & Son of Ex-Congressman

    Mike Assad (R) (C) $436 (ending 9/30/13) – Radio Talk Show Host & ’12 Candidate

  • CD 3: Jon Runyan (R)) (I) $71,736 (not running for re-election)

    Aimee Belgard (D) (C)  $149,263 – Burlington County Freeholder & Attorney

    Steve Lonegan (R) (C) $65,725 plus a debt of $227,826 as of Dec. 31 for his ’13 Senate campaign. (No report for his ’14 House campaign.) – Ex-Bogota Mayor, ex head of NJ Americans for Prosperity, Conservative, and frequent candidate

    Chris Isola  (R) (C)  – Financial Advisor

    Howard Kleinhendler (D) (C) – Attorney, Rabbi & ’10 Nominee

    Maurice Hill (R) (C)  – Toms River Town Councilman

  • CD 4: Christopher Smith (R) (I) $272,739

    Angela Gandolfo (D) – Sociologist & Progressive Activist

  • CD 5: Scott Garrett (R) (I) $2,790,755

    Roy Cho (D) (C) $133,977 – Attorney, Ex-Congressional & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide

    Andy Maguire (D) (C) $0 (as of 06/30/13)

  • CD 6: Frank Pallone (D) (I) $479,313 as of 9/30/13 (His ’13 Senate campaign reports $688,026 as of 9/30/13)

    Jun Choi (D) (C) $149,263

    Anna Little (R) (C) $0 – Tea Party, ’10 & ’12 Candidate

  • CD 7: Leonard Lance (R) (I) $366,871

    Janice Kovach (D) (C)  – Clinton Mayor & Business Consultant

    David Larsen (R) (C) – $0 (as of 9/30/12) Manufacturer & ’10 & ’12 Candidate

  • CD 8: Albio Sires (D) (I) $46,541

  • CD 9:William Pascrell (D) (I) $725,902

    Michael Wildes (D) (C)  $708,663 – Ex-Englewood Mayor and lawyer

  • CD 10: Donald Payne (D) (I) $449,359

    Aaron Fraser (D) (C) – Community organizer  

  • CD 11: Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) (I)  $310,385

    Mark Dunec (D) (C) $41,959 – financial consultant

  • CD 12: Rush Holt (D) (I) $309,356 (His ’13 Senate candidacy: $44,073 as of 9/30/13)

    Alieta Eck (R) (C)  $1,682 as of 9/30/13 for her ’13 Senate candidacy. (No report yet for the ’14 House campaign.)  Physician & ’13 US Senate candidate  

  • Comments (6)

    1. deciminyan

      Great summary, Bill. Here are some updates:

      CD-4: Angela Gandolfo’s run is short-lived as she has pulled out of the race.

      CD-3: I think the top Republican contender (and carpetbagger) is Randolph Mayor Tom McArthur who has expressed interest in the race and is worth several hundred million dollars. He can self-fund his race (i.e. buy a House seat), and that amount of money may be what unites the Burlington and Ocean County GOP apparatchiks.

    2. Joebluejersey11

      BCDO Super Lawyer Mike Wildes will throw his name in for a 30 run of going against Passaic’s Bill Pascrell. Then after all the attention and committment to have the field cleared for himself in the 2016 election to Congress in the 9th. Hopefully Rabbi Botech will try to run against Bill Pascrell in the General election. That will just be fun as the Bergen Record sings more high praise to the Bergen Republican.

      Also, sick of waiting around, and trying to get off a sinking ship, Bergen County Adminstrator Ed Trewinski will run in the Bergen Counvention and then the Primary against Vernon Twp. fake-Christmas Tree Farmer Ernie Garrett for the 5th Dist. Congress. This will be the race to watch as the entire BCRO will be behind it, as the Donovan shipwreck begins this spring to crash upon the rocks of the Bridgegate and Donovan’s strangling ties to Wolff Samson and the nations largest bond scandal American Dream mall, not to mention the Alan Marcus sex-for County contracts….

      Trawinski will actually have the support of David Russo AND Cardinale this time against Scott Garrett.  So it should be interesting.  

    3. Bob h

      and involvement of the Republican Party will be ice on the wings of our useless Republican Congressmen.


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