The $70 million mirage

We at Fair Share Housing Center had to sue the Christie Administration in order to get basic information about how they are spending billions in federal aid on Sandy. It took four months from filing an Open Public Records Act request to finally getting the information, which, when finally released, raised serious questions about the fairness of the process for allocating Sandy funds.

So it was to our great interest to see the Christie Administration all of the sudden claiming to be VERY transparent about one aspect of those funds – how much money was going to Hoboken – they said $70 million. Obviously, they were motivated to do so by Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s claim on national television of threats to not provide Sandy aid unless a development was approved. For the record, we know nothing about those claims and are not in a position to evaluate them.

But we ARE in a position to evaluate the Christie Administration’s $70 million claim. And it’s shockingly misleading and off the mark.

More below the fold…

The $70 million supposedly allocated to Hoboken has been a key point used by the Christie Administration to refute Mayor Zimmer’s allegations:

• The Administration even had a press call with Christie’s director of Sandy rebuilding, who has notoriously only appeared in public once since Sandy,


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