Star Ledger Calls Sandy Aid Christie’s “Political Slush Fund”

Given this:

The Sandy aid that New Jersey received was intended to help the victims of the storm, not as a political slush fund. The governor peeled off some of it for a TV campaign featuring himself and his family during the re-election campaign, a shameless stunt that is now under federal investigation. If Zimmer’s charges are true, he withheld aid from Hoboken in a bid to pressure her to approve a real estate project.

The latest twist comes from Belleville, where The Star-Ledger’s Matt Friedman reported that Christie personally pushed his senior staff to provide a Sandy grant to help build a senior-citizen housing complex. And — surprise — the mayor endorsed the governor for re-election two weeks later.

So did Joseph DiVincenzo, the Democratic Essex County executive who was also pushing for this project. It was the type of support Christie coveted, to bolster his bipartisan credentials in anticipation of a future presidential run.

… when will the subpoenas start to fly about the Sandy fund run by the Governor’s wife?  The one that accepted millions in gifts before it was registered with the IRS or the state?

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