Snow Day Video #1: Gordon Johnson & Goldie Taylor talking GWB on Politics Nation

Gordon Johnson, who reps Fort Lee in the NJ Assembly, and Goldie Taylor were Rev. Al Sharpton’s guests last night, hours after Asm John Wisniewski revealed that subpoenaed documents showed that the order to shut GWB local lanes came from outside Port Authority.

Johnson talked about how the 5-day traffic chaos slowed response time for police, EMS and the Fire Dept., including an ambulance trying to get to a person in cardiac arrest, and a missing child report police had trouble investigating quickly.

“Whether or not this pans out to be true remains to be seen. But if it is true, it certainly caters to the narrative that Christie’s a bully, that he is very hard on people who might disagree with him politically – for very small slights there may be huge retribution. So it certainly plays into that narrative. We don’t elect presidents like that. We don’t elect mean guys as presidents.”

                                – Goldie Taylor

“It [the order] came from a higher authority.” [snip] “There are words that are used that would imply an improper motive.”

– John Wisniewski, on 5,000 subpoenaed Port Authority documents

But the weightier point Goldie Taylor made, and she’s right, is that media has stoked the Christie narrative of bipartisan success, which doesn’t bear out, particularly given the defining failures in his economic record. Besides, Southern and rust-belt conservatives don’t give a fig for claims of bipartisanship.

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    The case that Chrisite will do anything to get elected is correct, but its kind of tough to make coming out of the mouth of a Member of the State Assembly who contributed thousands to Lyndon LaRouche,,,, whilst we know he’s Progressive and all, but hey, it just better the more you know.


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