Republicans Step Right Up To Run In CD3… Lots of them

Nothing brings people out of the woodwork to run for office like an open seat and the race to replace Jon Runyan in Congress from the 3rd District has many Republicans lining up for party support:

GOP leadership has heard from 17 candidates in Ocean County interested in taking the reins of the congressional seat set to be vacated by U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan. At least one of the individuals, Evesham Mayor Randy Brown, took their name out of the running as late as this week – leaving up to 16 candidates left.

Ocean County leadership interviewed eight candidates this week and is slated to review the remaining hopefuls sometime next week. Burlington officials, the other county that makes up CD 3, are said to have interviewed at least 10 people earlier this month.

Meanwhile, it still appears that Aimee Belgard will be the candidate for the Democrats while the Republicans fight it out.  And speaking of fighting it out, it looks like Steve Lonegan doesn’t care what the party decides and is planning on running, which left this great shot/chaser from the DCCC the other day:

SHOT: Jon Runyan threw in the towel and is retiring from Congress because “he was so infuriated by Republicans who voted against a disaster relief aid package after Hurricane Sandy…” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 01/28/14]

CHASER: Steve Lonegan called the Hurricane Sandy Relief Package “ridiculous” and a “boondoggle” and demanded that House Republicans “turn off the open-ended disaster aid spigot.” Now he’s running to take Jon Runyan’s place in Congress. [Americans for Prosperity New Jersey, 12/08/12]

I guess Lonegan shouldn’t count on the support from the departing Congressman. It’s going to be a busy cycle in this district, that’s for sure.

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  1. Hopeful

    …to see if Lonegan ends up arguing Christie and his crew’s corruption shows he was right about the Sandy relief money.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    The larger the field, the better it is for Lonegan.  And for Democrats.

  3. kfoster

    This is MY district and I can flatly say that Lose-again has ZERO chance of winning here. As soon as he opens his mouth and that “noise” comes out, nobody here will take him seriously. Save the Burlington County 9-12 idiots.


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