Rats Leaving the Ship … Ron Fournier Dumps Christie

Well, you don’t fall further in somebody’s estimation than Christie just fell in this guy’s. Promoted by Rosi.

Ron Fournier, a generally conservative columnist for the National Journal, is the latest to swim away from Chris Christie after Bridgegate.

A year ago, I wrote: “The smartest move in politics today is to move against Washington and the two major parties. And the smartest man in politics may be Chris Christie.” I take it back.

Huh.  Wonder why?

Rather than stay true to his post-partisan image, Christie ran a hyper-political governor’s office that focused relentlessly on a big re-election win to position him for a 2016 presidential race. In this zero-sum gain culture, Christie enabled (if not directly ordered) an infamous abuse of power: the closure of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge in a fit of political retribution.

If not criminal, it was pretty damn stupid.

Oh, that’s why.

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  1. KendalJames

    Via NYT:

    Rockefeller Group, a real estate developer whose proposed office complex in Hoboken, N.J., is at the center of allegations that associates of Gov. Chris Christie threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief money from the city unless the project received approval, has severed its connections with a law firm with close ties to the governor… Rockefeller Group said the allegations were “deplorable” if true.


    The whole thing is here.


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