QoTD – Inauguration Day Edition

“There will be other stories hitting the fan.”

Brigid Harrison – Professor of Political Science and Law, Montclair State University.

Commentary on NJTV prior to Chris Christie’s inauguration where he ignores the #ChristieGate scandals.

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  1. Bob h

    It will be interesting to see how Christie behaves at the Super Bowl.  I’m sure he was planning to share the stage equally with the teams, but now will probably stay in his skybox.  Getting booed before hundreds of millions of TV viewers is not good for incipient Presidential campaigns.

  2. carolh

    Chris Christie inauguration speech:

    “I will make government truly work for those who pay for it.”

    Italics mine.

    Donald Trump on Christie: “He is one e-mail away from disaster”.  Sounds like a frenemy.  Is Trump thinking about 2016?


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