QoTD: American Hustle and the Master Builder

There are so many reasons New Jerseyans should see ‘American Hustle’. No matter what Mayor Dana Redd says. And with however jaundiced eyes you choose. Here’s one little fact we dug up you might not know, about a young whippersnapper named George Norcross. Promoted by Rosi.

PhotobucketThough Camden City’s current mayor, Dana Redd, said she would not be seeing the hit film American Hustle she really should reconsider. One of the characters in the film is based off of Camden City’s own Angelo Errichetti who served as the Mayor of Camden from 1973 to 1981 when he was convicted of bribery charges due to the famous Abscam sting portrayed in the film.  

Another fun fact about Mayor Errichetti’s lasting legacy in Camden is who he hired for the Camden Parking Authority in 1978 – a 22 year old George Norcross III. It was Norcross’ only job in public service and a launching point for his career as a political boss.

After completing his term at the Parking Authority Norcross leveraged his union and political connections to start an insurance firm in the city. He raised money for and loaned money to the future political establishment of the city including Randy Primas whom Norcross loaned $15,000 in 1984 to protect Mayor Primas from a primary challenge. Of the $93,000 Primas raised over $78,000 came from Norcross organizations.

In 1989 Norcross took over the Camden County Democratic Committee and took his Camden city game state wide.

Given the challenge Norcross became the master builder of the bridge between politics and contractors, so often referred to as “pay to play.”

When Primas became Chief Operating Officer of Camden City under the state takeover he never forgot his good friend.

The hustle never ends.

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  1. Dvd Avins

    On the other side, being an opponent of Erichetti when this broke was the best thing that happened to a young, rough around the edges reformer named Jim Florio.

  2. firstamend07

    This post made it seem as if there was some type of serious connection between Errichetti and Norcross.

    All Norcross has ever done is use his brain to get ahead. He has never done anything illegal.His involvement in politics has helped the Democratic Party in South Jersey.

    I continue to ask, what has this guy done wrong????

    Who has he hurt?  

  3. firstamend07

    I guess the DRPA is not as crooked as some on this site seem to think!

    Matheussen can’t be all bad now can he?

    Or is this also a Norcross conspiracy???

  4. Rev. Jones

    The US Justice Department took years to build a solid case.  2014 willt be the year of this shake down. We can not afford another year of Norcross or Sweeney.  This movie and these federal subpoenas are a good sign. Norcross has raped New Jersey, PA and NY etc

    Norcross and Sweeney ruined a lot of good lives

    You reap what you sow Norcross/Sweeney.

    The comptrollers report has a lot of criminal abuse that falls under federal statutes to lock Norcross and Sweeney up for life.  

  5. Rev. Jones

    Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

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    The grocer scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store.

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    It was not a grocery list; it was a prayer which said:

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    It was some time later that the grocer discovered the scales were actually broken; therefore, only God knows how much a prayer weighs….

    Never underestimate the power of prayer ~ Have a blessed day!


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