Putting Christie Campaign Contributions To Good Use

I’ll bet all the people who gave donations to Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign are thrilled their money is going to be spent responding to subpoenas about illegal use of government resources for political payback.

Gov. Chris Christie’s re-election campaign has asked permission to use leftover campaign funds to pay the legal bills surrounding the investigation into the politically motivated decision to close lanes from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee.

Mark Sheridan, counsel to the Republican State Committee and the Christie for Governor campaign, confirmed he sent a letter requesting “an advisory opinion from the Election Law Enforcement Commission as part of its efforts to comply with the subpoenas and New Jersey election law.”

Why, when ELEC usually says no does Sheridan think he’ll get a yes?

Sheridan’s letter makes a distinction that his request is different because the campaign has not been charged with any wrongdoing. It is seeking funds to produce documents in order to comply with a subpoena.

Sheridan is right that the campaign hasn’t be charged, but actually no one has been charged.  But the campaign manager — the CEO if you will — was fired from multiple jobs based on his participation so it’s probably a distinction without meaning.

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