News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

Today’s news is brought to you by government transparency and abuse of power. Not much of one, plenty of the other.

Chris Christie promised ‘openness’ & ‘transparency’ ducks questions, tries to keep records secret

  • Requests for information – public records that must be released by law – are regularly blocked or stalled by governor’s office, top officials, state agencies.

  • Chris Christie setting conditions for radio interviews.

  • Ingle: What happened to Christie’s ‘transparency,’ trying to slide in a loyalist to the Ethics Commission – who may have to investigate him – without anybody knowing.
  • Moran: Christie defangs an ethics watchdog.

    Remember when Tom Moran called us “conspiracy theorists” for suggesting Christie might be abusing government power? Yeah, so do we.

  • Christie’s Bullying Was Made Possible By Tom Moran and the Media.

  • Yeah – Blue Jersey archives: March 14, 2007.

    The rest of this morning’s news is on the jump: All the Governor’s Men; Political Fallout, General cratering & Republicans Distancing Themselves from Christie; Newark Schools, Jon Runyan is VERY tall, and more.

    BuzzFeed on Jon Runyan 11 Biggest Problems You'll Have Being An NFL Lineman In Congress

    Bye-bye Jon Runyan, the top of the door frame’s gonna miss you

  • Before he exits the House, Jon Runyan makes a giant impression on BuzzFeed.

    Political Fallout, General Cratering & Republicans Distancing Themselves from Christie

  • PPP poll: Huckabee leads GOP field as Christie collapses.

  • Ron Fournier calls Christie “stupid” and maybe “criminal”.

  • Guiliani: 50-50 that Christie knew.

  • Boo boo boo… Guiliani claims he was taken out of context.

  • Stile: Christie’s Super Bowl euphoria is gone.

    All the Governor’s Men

  • Christie has deep ties to Wolff Samson, now mired in scandal.

  • Rockefeller Group, at the center of the Hoboken allegations, drops Wolff Samson.

  • Sen. Cardinale says the media should lay off Todd Christie.

  • Christie campaign team wants to use leftover campaign funds to pay for their lawyers. OK with you?

    Port Authority

  • PA’s NY exec wants the lowest-paid airport workers to get a $1-per-hour raise. But the top NJ appointee questions the legality of ordering immediate changes to agreed-upon employee contracts.

    State takeover school districts

  • Two new charter networks get endorsement in Camden.

  • The struggle to wrestle more control of Newark local schools from the destructive Cami Anderson continues into the legislature.


  • Obamacare outreach in Willingboro.

  • North Jersey businesses feel left out by NFL.

  • BPU renews Verizon’s cable TV franchise – grudgingly.
  • Feds cite healthcare savings from models widely adopted in NJ.

    Newark mayor’s race

  • Shavar Jeffries outpaces opponents in fundraising. But Jeffries, Ramos and Baraka each have about the same cash-on-hand.

    Congressional races

  • Dem Angela Gandolfo pulls out of CD4 race against Chris Smith – but she is not going away.
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    1. joanneleon
    2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Wow. That’s the Daily News headline for their coverage of the Port Authority tussle between New York’ Gov. Cuomo, who wants the lowest-paid airport workers to get a raise, and Gov. Christie, who wants to get in the way of that happening.


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