Menendez & Booker vote to extend unemployment benefits

Both our senators voted Yes this morning behind a Democratic initiative to extend unemployment benefits that have expired. The vote was 60-37. That gives a big win on a procedural voteto President Obama and the Democrats, to extend long-term unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans, including more than 200,000 military vets. Six Senate Republicans voted with the Democrats.

But once the bill clears the upper house, it goes to the House and to Speaker John Boehner. And he’s under pressure from tea partiers and the right-wing of his own party to kill it there. Or, amounting to the same thing, to require offsets to pay for it.

Senator Menendez is tweeting this to his more than 10,000 Twitter followers:

NJ’s senior senator also sent a link to the petition to supporters today. @Cory Booker has been using Twitter to talk particularly about unemployment among young adults in NJ today.

If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet your thanks to @SenatorMenendez or @Menendez4NJ and @CoryBooker. Hashtag #RenewUI.

Menendez issued this statement after today’s cloture vote:

“I’m incredibly thankful that six Republican Senators joined us in clearing the way toward restoring temporary employment insurance for more than a million job seekers, including 90,000 in New Jersey, who had this lifeline pulled out from under them.   Extending this helping hand is the right thing to do for hardworking families, and with New Jerseyans determined and willing to get back on the job, it’s the right thing to do for our economy.   For the sake of both, I’m hopeful Republicans stick with us for the final vote.”

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