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To be clear, this tweet is not from Joe Vincenzo, Sr. the Essex County Executive. It’s from his son, same name – @JGDiVincenzo. It came to us via anonymous tip (thank you). I don’t think the son’s in the politics business, which is one reason I hesitated before posting this.

Here are the reasons I decided to post it: (1) Check out his Twitter profile (screen cap below the fold), in which he includes the fact he’s the “son to the Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo. Fair game, then. (2) The account is also followed by numerous legislators and reporters. (3)  DiVincenzo’s tweet is directed to Anderson Cooper last night in the 8pm hour, when Dawn Zimmer was giving this interview.

I shouldn’t be amazed. But I am. So, this question is especially for Essex Democrats:  Is this family’s Christie-enabling contempt for Democrats OK with you?

Here’s how he describes himself to Twitter:

Screen cap @JGDiVincenzo Twitter Profile

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    But I’m sure they’re the same as his father’s.  Hope at least he’s honset enough not to be a registered Democrat.

  2. deciminyan

    Will State Democratic Chairman Currie respond?

  3. kolearypcnj

    official, but he is or was a registered lobbyist.  It just so happens that he used to work for the group that at the time was representing Essex County in Trenton.  Shocking.…  No mention of him on the 1868 website, not sure that there ever was.

  4. kolearypcnj

    at 1868 they were the registered lobbyist for NJ’s own private prison company Community Education Centers.…  Just before the NY Times series of articles broke… and the effort to reform the halfway house system in NJ went nowhere.

  5. Stempy

    Well, of course, the son is a Christie supporter.  His father, the Essex County Executive, has been a loyal Christiecrat who helped shove Barbara Buono under the bus by endorsing Christie for governor.  I would have thought that the elder DiVincenzo would have publicly announced his support for Christie by now.  However, since DiVincenzo is running for county executive again — on the Democratic line I assume — he doesn’t want to ruffle any Democratic feathers.  The Essex county executive is counting on short memories and his chameleon skills — like lizards that change colors based on the circumstances, or snakes who shed their old skins.  But posters are right:  DiVincenzo ought to change his party affiliation to Republican.  In for a penny, in for a pound.

  6. Mike Premo

    Because he’s already changed his description to omit any reference to his father.  

  7. firstamend07

    ….. have some on this site become that desperate?

    This post is beyond silly.


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