ICYMI: Zimmer responds to Guadagno’s statement

There’s a few different reasons I wanted to post the video of Dawn Zimmer’s appearance on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 last night. First was Kim Guadagno’s no-questions rebuke of Zimmer’s allegations the LG played messenger for shakedown; Sandy aid in exchange for greenlighting a project proposed by a politically-favored private developer. Guadagno, speaking in a weird, possibly over-coached cadence, called Zimmer’s allegations “illogical”. It was a strange choice of words – in fact the entire statement was strange (I hear Chris Matthews called it her ‘hostage tape’). Between Zimmer and Guadagno, it looks like somebody is lying. If what Zimmer alleges is real, there may be big trouble ahead for Guadagno and Christie.

That’s the first reason to watch Zimmer’s response; determine for yourself how believable she sounds. The second’s the new evidence Zimmer’s makes available – adding to the timeline of events as she lays them out. And the third relates to something else that happened during Anderson Cooper’s interview with Zimmer – – that will be my next diary.

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  1. firstamend07

    Side by side ,Zimmer was truthful and Guadagno was calculated.

    Zimmer has now come out and said under advice from the AG she will not speak on this issue anymore and she, Zimmer, seems happy about that. Zimmer threw it all out there while the Christie crowd knows they got caught.

    Guadagno did something wrong,she knows it, she “acts” guilty and she does not have a good poker face.

    There is no gray area here. Someone is lying. Body languagesays it is the LG.

  2. firstamend07

    It has been 4 days since Zimmer went on a Sunday morning show.

    The Governor has not said one word about it.

    No  “stand by your man/woman” moment.

    Very,very unusual….

    Will Guadagno be the next Kelly?


  3. Bob h

    her truthfulness. There is no conceivable way she would make this story up out of political animus or as a means of attracting attention. Her truthfulness is a given.


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