Federal audit: MWW says, essentially, Bring it on.

MWW, the politically-connected firm that got the multi-million dollar contract to produce tourism ads promoting the Jersey Shore, says its been misrepresented in the press, and that it welcomes a federal audit into how the Christie administration spent federal Sandy recovery funds. An MWW spokesman said (emphasis, mine):

“Given widely inaccurate reporting on Stronger than the Storm, we welcome the Inspector General’s report. It will show that MWW’s proposal included no mention or suggestion of using the governor in the paid advertising campaign. The decision to include the governor was arrived at after the contract was awarded, based on timing, availability, and federal expenditure rules. Assertions to the contrary are simple incorrect.

Well, that’s damned interesting, given that it was Michele Brown that led the bid evaluation process, heading up a 6-person committee charged with making the selection. Michele Brown, you remember, is a former colleague from Christie’s days running the U.S. Attorney’s office. She is also the recipient of considerable and questionable Christie largesse – including a $46,000 mortgage when she was Christie’s employee, and a high-paying job she wasn’t particularly qualified for.

MWW says the Inspector General probe will turn up a lower final proposal – not a higher one as has been widely reported – than the company whose proposal was not chosen.

In case you forgot what it was that we were stronger than …


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  1. Bob h

    between dispersal of Sandy funds and mayoral endorsements?


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