Christie Lied

Christie said he hadn’t talked to Wildstein in forever, surely not during the election, but the WSJ has a picture of Christie, Baroni and Wildstein yukking it up at a 9.11 commemoration while the GWB was backed up.

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  1. robosz

    “Is it wrong that I’m laughing??”

  2. firstamend07

    Do not beleive everything you read, see, or hear!

    As a matter of fact only beleive what I say.

    —– New Christie slogan

  3. Louise

    when caught with the other women,

    “Who are you going to believe – me, or your lying eyes?”

    Perhaps Christie is a schizophrenic, who can’t remember what he does when in his other identity. This would explain the shocking difference between his persona when he is in front of a television camera, and when he is in the “safe space” of a carefully selected group of fans.

  4. Bob h

    government is your enemy, dangerous, not to be trusted. But when Christy goons torment and moslest citizens of a Fort Lee and NNJ, that is excusable to a Republicans.

  5. sayitaintso

    like a 9/11 commemoration.  

  6. deciminyan (Post author)

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