Chris Christie: Yukking it up with Regis, talkin’ Super Bowl weather. No scandals. What scandals?

First we hear Gov. Chris Christie puts conditions on what he’ll talk about in radio interviews, that’s after a history the scandal-plagued governor has of stonewalling or delaying handing over information the public has lawful right to, but he’d rather conceal. Now, he even goes so far as to stack the Ethics Commission, which may have to investigate him, with a pre-approved Christie loyalist as Exec Director, raising all kinds of red flags over at APP, which wonders where all that “openness” Christie brags about has gone, and the Star-Ledger, where Tom Moran points out that the much-ballyhooed ‘savior on ethics’ is trying to “defang an ethics watchdog” to save his own bacon.

For a while, after that weird 2-hour Me-me-mea culpa press conference in which talked mostly about himself, he went silent. Radio silent.

Now, we seem to be in a phase of lightweight, soft, self-flattering appearances. Here’s Christie with Regis … what, Kim Kardashian wasn’t available?

Chris Christie Instagram w/ Regis Philbin

And here’s Christie yukking it up with the folks, taking credit apparently, for New Jersey’s Super Bowl-friendly weather (and going back to the fleece, this time in sunshine yellow):

Got more important questions to ask Gov. Christie? Monday night’s your chance (unless he, uh, cancels). Go ahead – Ask him what you want.

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  1. TomSW

    knew about lane closings as they were happening. Wildstein’s attorney has released a letter.

  2. TomSW
  3. joanneleon


    Huffpo style.

  4. Bob h

    on Sunday?


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