Chris Christie State of the State Word Cloud – What Words are Missing?

I wonder sometimes if Christie’s communications people draft word clouds from texts of his key speeches before they’re delivered. As it is, here are the words that stuck out in the State of the State word cloud Wordle generated today for me. Below that, some words he didn’t say.

Words he didn’t say:

Mayors – Hey, thanks to the Dems who endorsed me. Boy, did I make fools of them.

Construction – I vow that no Trenton Central High School student will have to grapple with a crumbling school ever again. Heh. Just kidding.

Comeback – Jersey Comeback? Uh, move along.

Responsible – I’m not just “ultimately responsible” for misuse of government that my top staff did at the GWB, I’m actually responsible. Don’t let me get away with trying to take credit for the “good” we’ve done without owning the bad. Mulshine nailed it: Chris Christie seeks forgiveness but won’t confess his sins.

Accountability – I’m gonna skirt that.

Transparency – Newspapers and the Legislature had to out my inner circle orchestrating the Bridge. Hope they don’t get to unredact those …

Redacted Documents – Because I might really … be … screwed.

Jokes – Remember my “working the cones” prank? I crack myself up.

Pre-K & Full-day KindergartenGlorified babysitting. Get a nanny.

Women – Pay equity burdens my business buddies. And vetoing $7.5M in women’s healthcare funding? Well, that was just for me. I like seeing Loretta get all worked up.

Income inequality – You already have my Jersey Comeback. I take my advice from this guy. And he says Obama is obsessed with inequality. In my White House, no more of that nonsense.

White House – Yeah, I still want it. But I’m not going to talk about it. Until those damn reporters go away. Or start playing nice again.

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  1. toaonua


    Climate Change

  2. firstamend07

    ” Trust me” I was not aware of anything my people were doing.

    ” Trust me” I will pay into the pension fund because a deal is a deal.

    ” Trust me” my word is my bond.

    ” Trust me” we always pick the lowest bidder on state contracts.

    ” Trust me” the flu is going around the office,that is why you do not see Drewniak and others out and about.  


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