Chris Christie Setting Conditions for Radio Interviews

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Buried in a story about Governor Chris Christie doing a radio tour leading into the Super Bowl is an indication that he’s running scared.

Before the governor called in, the show’s hosts announced that they made an agreement to get him on that they would only talk about sports and the Super Bowl and none of the other issues surrounding Christie’s administration.

Now he’s unwilling to talk?  That’s pretty odd for a man who got so much credit for his two hour press conference after e-mails surfaced about his staff using government resources for political payback.  

It’s also pretty off for a man who spends so much time talking about how tough he is and building a reputation as a straight-shooter unafraid of anything.  

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  1. Ms. Magoo

    That any media outlet – after being lied to, stonewalled, insulted – would concede to the Governor’s demand on this. There are other available guests.


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