Call the Governor?

Hot phone callWhen was the last time you got asked by the Democratic State Committee to call Governor Christie? Well, there’s a first time for everything. Today, in response to reports that the governor is setting pre-conditions for radio interviews, State Democratic Chairman John Currie put out the call in an email message to supporters:

This Monday (2/3) at 7 p.m., you have a chance to “Ask the Governor” what he knew and when he knew it. And, what went so very wrong with his administration?

The email goes on to list ways NJ residents can set their own conditions for what they want Christie’s radio appearance to look like:

On New Jersey’s 101.5 FM radio program, there are five ways to “Ask the Governor” a question, which can be found here:

 ▪    Call 800-283-1015

 ▪    Join 101.5’s live interactive blog

 ▪    Text your question by texting “GOV” to 89000. You will receive a bounce back message asking for your question.

 ▪    Twitter: #AskGov

 ▪    You can SUBMIT your question for Gov. Christie in advance.

Is there a cancelled radio appearance in someone’s future?

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  1. willlivingston

    why the Dems hadn’t tried this before, flooding the call-in shows and “town halls” with non-friendlies.

    Maybe it’s because previously Christie came off well in his bullying, but now the image has turned.  Before it would have been giving him a win, while now it can accomplish something.


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