Buono’s “Bully” Ad, Unaired

Why this ad, by the candidate I supported, bothers me – below the fold.

Boy, this ad takes me back; this is what the Christie-Buono contest was about for me, too. These matters of great divide between the New Jersey Chris Christie has made, and the one proposed by Barbara Buono.

Mark Halperin, author of the political blockbusters Game Change and Double Down, writes at Time that Buono considered Christie’s “bully” behavior the reason he is unable to govern effectively. A temperament problem. Maybe. But I never liked that strategy. Or the “bully” designation for Christie.

This has never been about “bully” for me. It’s about Christie abusing power. About concentrating power in the executive branch and then making incursions into the powers accorded the other branches; challenging the independence of the judiciary, and to a lesser degree of damage, requiring Republicans in the legislative branch to march in lockstep – even if it means reversing their previous positions. About maintaining a front office where loyalty to the Governor is prized above all, above telling the truth, or doing the right thing by the people of New Jersey.

Christie is devising a state where the rich get richer and the poor get ignored, where workers’ gains are maneuvered around, where millionaires are advantaged at the expense of low-income women, where the sensibilities of the people in a state he governs – pro-choice, environmentally sensible – are sacrificed so that governor can look good to right-wingers in Iowa. A governor who surrounds himself with functionaries willing to sacrifice the public good for loyalty to a leader, a governor who routinely insults any constituent or legislator who dares to disagree with him.

It’s a lot more than “bully”.

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