Bergen GW Bridgegate -The real Back Story

This scandal isn’t a NJ slimy story; it’s a Bergen Republican story.  

Bridget Kelly – it’s not her, but where she is from, it justifies what happened and what she did is  “standard operating procedure” . Bridget was Ramsey GOP Party Boss-  Northwest Bergen is home to wacky tea parties and during Bridget’s tenure, Ramsey GOP people were tight with ex-Freeholder Bernie Madoff Hermsansan (hard core Donovan supporter).  These cats were notorious with dirty lying politics.

Look no further than the slime they threw at Ramsey Democrat Freeholder Julie O’Brien, from every low brow lie that Julie provided plasma TV’s for horses to watch to Julie running the Ramsey Fire Dept.

For Bridget 35 yearold mom of 4 kids to take a Christie job, living near the upstate NY border and commute to south Jersey Trenton was really made because Bridget’s own daddy (BC Veteran Director Dahl) took a high paid low-show County hack job with dirty Donovan. This whole crew is a tight wrecking ball.

Also need to add to the sauce, as public records show and its well-known, since joining the Christie Crue, she magically gets divorced  and the Bill Sepian relationship grows deeper (wink-wink).

Sort of like the attached picture of Bridget, Christie and NJ EDA Exe. Dir Michelle Brown, at the actual Seaside Hts boardwalk fire, because when your Seaside Hts ice cream stand burns down, the first thing you need is not a first-responder, but the state of NJ to be a counterparty in a long-dated Interest Rate Swap with the EDA, Right?!…. At least Christie, like all Jersey guys, is classy enough to take your girlfriend down the shore.…

Kushner Real Estate. Also lest we not forget that Christie HS classmate (but Christe was in the cool crowd) David Widlstein sold to Kushner and perhaps maybe didn’t get the best deal?!?! And since political payback and revenge is the norm with the Crue,  Kushner Real Estate is now building two of Bergen County’s largest buildings right in front of the exact toll lanes. So it really hard to sell condos, with at 4 hour traffic jam.  Just sayin.

Senator O’Toole. So the day before Wildenstein gets fired he’s communicating with only Sen. O’toole who is the only legislature who has any semblance of relationship with Donovan. Otoole and Donovan trade hacks like playing cards, with half the PA hacks from NJ coming via O’toole. These relationships are important when the GW scandal pops, Donovan foot drags any BC Police Dept investigation and goes into hiding when half her county is in traffic hell.

BCDO- they are the last ones to be considered ever Christiecrats.  The old BCDO never cut a deal with Norcross, unlike Sen. Weinberg and others and Christie needed to break down the remaing hold out of the BCDO.

BCDO Freeholder Candidates- from the latest OPRA release its clear that it was the BCDO Freeholder Candidates that were the very very very first to call for an investigation not  Sen. Weinberg/Gordon Johnson. BCDO is one of the last holdouts of the Norcross/Christie cabal and that is why Christie has such a hard focus on BCDO (ie-Chrisite racketeers at Newark AG have a 2nd indictment on Ferrerio on actions from 12 years ago). Also BCDO was the biggest supporter of Buono and BCDO Chair Stilleto was the last holdout for Buonos NJDem Chair pick O’Donnell.

David Samson Esq. – the bigger story is that every single no-bid Bergen County legal contract goes to Samson’s firm Wolf Samson. Thus Samson is easy to  press Donovan not to come out against Christie, when the whole GWB scandal comes down.

Rocco Mazza – the former BCDO Executive Director under Joe Ferrerio is a paid government big shot with Republican Donovan and feeds the Republicans axes to grind with old BCDO. Skarolich isn’t the tightest with Weinberg and  would be a  good target to go after, thus Skarolich would be a good target for him, but wouldn’t make a difference for Christie’s re-election.  Thus, like a true double agent,  Rocco is tight with Donovan/Bridget Daddy/Republican Freeholders etc and whispers to them its great to block the GW, then when Weinberg pops it, he makes his old boss look like a hero.

Donovan and BCPD. Its clear the BC Police knew abou the 4 hour back ups into other towns and Donovan did nothing about it and has refused to say anything about it  

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