Barbara Buono Statement on Revelations in the George Washington Bridge Scandal

Last Fall saw Democrat after Democrat endorse Gov. Christie for re-election. Many of them were local mayors. It was a stunning phenomenon that weakened the party structure, alienated many Democrats, and guaranteed that the Governor’s win would be not just solid, but the kind of landslide that gets noticed by big-money funder looking at the 2016 Republican field of White House hopefuls. Now, we see what happened when targeted Democrats refused to fall in line with the Christie operation. With today’s revelations that the order to create traffic chaos in Fort Lee through sudden GWB lane closure came from inside Christie’s front office, and with the knowledge of his inner circle, it is more clear that it was deliberate, and it was about political payback. Mess with local lane traffic, suddenly and without warning, to bring Fort Lee to its knees, to punish a mayor who refused to endorse Christie when asked. And it raises the question, Were some of the Democratic politicians who did fall in line with Christie threatened?  

Buono’s statement:

“Right now, we have no idea how far this scandal goes. The Governor has created a culture where cavalierly endangering citizens’ lives to exact political retribution is an acceptable form of governance. It’s beneath the dignity of his office and a breach of New Jerseyans’ trust.

“Everyone who had knowledge of the closing should be terminated immediately and the Department of Justice should conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether other towns in New Jersey suffered because the Governor wanted to get revenge.”

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