Stronger than the delay

On August 7, the Asbury Park Press requested information through the Open Public Records Act regarding the Stronger than the Storm  ad campaign.  As we approach the new year, they’re still waiting:

To date, none of the transcripts, notes, memoranda, e-mails, texts or minutes from the evaluation committee’s meetings has been made public.

Remember, this was the ad campaign where one company proposed a more costly option putting the Governor in the advertising at a time he was running for re-election, while the other proposal did not. So what has been turned over then in the months since the request you might ask?

The state has provided 179 pages of documents in response to the Press’ records request but many of the pages lack detail or duplicate what was already given to the newspaper after previous requests.

This seems to have turned into standard Christie administration practice. They stall and push deadlines in turning over documents and then criticize people who continue to question why the documents they are entitled to haven’t been provided. Good for the Asbury Park Press for continuing to seek answers.

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