News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

Star-Ledger Feud Explodes: Moran v Braun

  • Tom Moran, editorial page editor at the Star-Ledger takes a disagreement with Bob Braun very public. Is it OK with the Star-Ledger that their editorial page editor conducts himself this way?

    Cory Booker joins Bob Menendez beating the drum for war with Iran

  • Pushing past diplomacy, defying the White House, and barreling toward legislation that would impose sanctions on Iran that may torpedo an already delicate nuclear agreement.


  • Christie, who belittled questions by joking he was “working the cones himself,” and said the lane closures weren’t a big deal, now says he doesn’t even have interest  in seeing if there’s any proof to Bill Baroni’s claim that there was a “traffic study” – for which so far there is no proof.
  • Baroni and Wildstein turn in subpoenaed documents.
  • Stile: Dem. Senate President Sweeney cuts Christie a break over GWB.
  • Codey will introduce a bill which would give the Port Authority inspector general subpoena power outside the agency for their investigations.


  • Christie ignores climate change in NJ’s post-Sandy rebuild.
  • Christie makes Salon’s 10 worst right-wing moments of the week, for “Astonishing pettiness. Total willingness to abuse power”.

    Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey’s Poor

  • New York Times takes seriously – even if Christie doesn’t – Fair Share Housing Center’s documentation that NJ’s plan for distributing Sandy recovery resources discriminated against blacks and Hispanics who lost their homes. And they urge federal housing officials to do their own investigation.

    Civil service

  • State workers charge Christie is trying to ram through radical changes to the civil service system, changing rules rather than laws, which means not through the legislature but via Civil Service Commisssion – all of whose members are appointed by Christie.


  • Republicans argue in Trenton over 43% allowance cut.

    NJ congressional delegation wants Obama to give the Rutgers 2016 keynote

  • Menendez and Pallone sent a letter to the White House asking the president to accept an invitation to speak at Rutgers University’s 250th anniversary graduation.
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    1. firstamend07

      Why get into a pissing contest if there is no benefit to your goals?

      Senate President Sweeney has bigger problems to work on then the GWB situation.

      The Assembly is all over that issue as is  State Senator Weinberg.

      Did anyone ever think that maybe the DREAM act does not get passed and signed in a matter of 24 hours if Sweeney is spending his time on GWB?

      Stile knows this. He is a smart guy. Sweeney giving Christie a ” pass “at the same time he is negotiating an IMMEDIATE DREAM act tuition reduction for students ,to me  , is a pretty damn good deal.

      Sweeney did get something in return. Maybe the college students who now have their tuition reduced by thousands of dollars can attest to that.  

    2. Bob h

      I had the idea of photoshopping a traffic cone onto the top of Christie’s head to illustrate his pig-headedness about the scandal. But I am a total klutz with Photoshop. Worth doing?

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

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