News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

Port Authority ED Patrick Foye complies with subpoena to appear before Assembly Transportation Committee

  • Excellent reporting from WNYC of yesterday’s 5-plus hours of tense testimony.

  • Wisniewski calls for PA deputy director, Christie’s top appointee, to step down.

  • Wildstein told PA officials not to tell Fort Lee, or anyone, what they were doing.

  • Chris Christie’s traffic jam.

  • Christie Administration In A Jam Over Charges Of Using Busiest U.S. Bridge In Political Payback.

  • The culture of fear & political retribution that governs the part of Port Authority answerable to Chris Christie – from Sen. Loretta Weinberg.

    George Norcross is now the majority owner of Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News &

  • Don’t like the way his media reports on on his doings and his minions’ doings? Tough.


  • For the 2nd time this fall, the Christie administration has declined to join a multistate effort to curb air pollution.

  • LOL. Dick Cheney on Christie: He’s a “promising figure.”.

  • Christie’s fundraiser for Vermont GOP is closed to media.


  • Joe D’s man Anibal Ramos’s campaign war chest is more than $500k.

  • Newark students, parents, unions, politicians push back-but it will take more than marches.

  • AFT national president Randi Weingarten leads  rally for public education in Newark.


  • The CD3 GOP expected primary – it’s not a party till there’s a Christie official in it.


  • Editorial: Playing politics with the poor, who need lawyers.

  • No tailgating at Super Bowl – NFL doesn’t want you.

  • Booted? Fugedaboudit: City workers, officials get car boots yanked for free.

  • Indictments handed down in Elizabeth free lunch coverup.

    Hackensack’s city manager is forced to resign

  • City Council asked the city manager to step down four months after reappointing him and granting him a one-year contract in a move that sparked criticism because of his ties to the embattled former administration.

    LD38 recount

  • In a paper ballot recount, Tim Eustace’s over GOP challenger Joseph Scarpa narrows from 54 to 36 votes.


  • Senate panel slashes bill empowering administrative law judges.

  • Senate panel moves to increase funding for arts tourism.


  • Assessing gun control legislation in NJ – a moving target.
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    1. DraftBuono2014

      Makes me feel good to have been working in this district on Election Day, as if it was not a complete waste of time.  It is rare in this rigged state of ours, but every now and then there is an election that reminds us the degree to which every vote does count.

      Assuming for a moment that Assemblyman Tim Eustace does survive this recount effort and State Senator Bob Gordon does not run for Congress next year against Scott Garrett and defeat him, I think that Eustace should seriously think about not running for re-election in 2015 when he and Joe Lagana will be at the top of the ballot in LD38.

      Working in this district before and on Election Day, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of operatives, volunteers, and voters, many of whom said that Eustace was not well-liked in his base town of Maywood, where he was Mayor.  No particular issue was spoken about in tremendous detail, but there was just an overall sense of negativity with regards to Eustace and how he is perceived by his constituents in Maywood.

      I would be curious to know how well Jeff Gardner did in his run for a Council seat in Hawthorne this year.  I can only assume that he did not win, because I think that more would have been made of it here at Blue Jersey if he had won.  But it would be interesting to see how his vote total compared to Eustace’s in Hawthorne.

      If he got more votes in Hawthorne than Eustace did, then I think a very strong argument could be made for asking Eustace to step aside in favor of Gardner in 2015, which is going to be a very tough year without a statewide race or even a State Senate race to attract the attention of low-attention span voters.  Gardner is the only person I know of in the district who could replace Eustace on the ballot AND guarantee progressives that we would have someone in that seat who we can count on to aggressively fight for our issues.

      If Gordon does not run against Garrett next year, Eustace should seriously consider running.  As one moderate after another has failed to even come close to defeating Garrett, I have always argued that the best chance that Democrats have to defeat Garrett is running a liberal who is going to excite the Democratic base and inspire more people to actively involve themselves in the race.

      Also, as an elected, Eustace is better positioned than most of the people who have run against Garrett in the the past to raise the amount of money needed to win.  While most of Garrett’s challengers have had a hard time even raising $500K, I am confident that if Eustace ran against Garrett, it would attract enough of the right kind of attention to enable him to raise at least $1MM if not $2MM.


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